Are You Building a Value Ladder In Your Business?

Your customers (or potential customers) are coming to you because you have a shortcut that solves their challenge/problem. One of the most important things you can do is to define your customer’s (or employees) journey through your offerings. This is called a value ladder. A value ladder is literally the path that someone will take from your first initial offering for them to get to know you and start in your world up the rungs of a ladder to your highest level of service.

Here is an example of a value ladder that you may be familiar with. Consider if you go to the dentist. You would expect a teeth cleaning however if your dentist is thinking about your journey (or the full picture in terms of the health of your teeth) they should let you know that they can solve any challenge that you have around your total mouth health. This is the concept of a value ladder. As an expert, you are the best person to prescribe or help your customers see their full journey to optimize their results.

So how do you create your own value ladder?

  1. Get very clear on WHO you are serving and what challenge/problem they are actively trying to solve.
  2. Then define the RESULT you can get for them. What is the ultimate outcome that you help people solve?
  3. What are the steps that they take? Define their journey to solve each problem or step along the path
  4. Decide HOW you can get them results (Do It Yourself, Do It With You, Done For You)
  5. Put those on the value ladder based on the value of service (highest level of service is done for you) and then increase the price as the perceived value increases.
  6. Then consistently serve at each level of the value ladder

Try this out – I would love to hear how it is going and what your value ladder looks like. This is one of the ways you can grow your business exponentially and diversify your offerings. Drop us a comment with your results.

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