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We are excited to bring you this encore presentation of one of our most popular episodes. We hope you enjoy!

In this episode, Tara talks about how your ability to succeed is sometimes to “just ride through that snowstorm and keep focused, keep going on your goals. Keep going on whatever it is that you’re trying to pursue. And really step into that belief and faith in yourself that you can do it.”


Tara Bryan:

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Tara Bryan:ly get prepared to jump in to:Tara Bryan:

So we were driving back from Utah, as I said, and we ended up in what's called a snow squall. And for all of you Midwesterners like me who don't know what that is, because I didn't, it's sort of like a snow tornado. And so what happened was that we were in a complete wiped out situation where it was snowing super hard, the wind was like 70 miles an hour. And we were driving through the mountains in the snowstorm, and literally couldn't see anything in front of you. You couldn't see anything on the sides. And it was really scary. Because you literally had zero visibility. And, and what was happening was that, you know, we, we left Park City early in the morning, because we could see that this giant storm was coming. And so I don't know if you have a husband like this, but my husband said, We're gonna beat the storm. So let's go early, and beat the storm. So we literally had the storm chasing us all the way at the we're gonna stop in Denver. And and so obviously, we didn't make it all the way through before the storm caught us. And so we ended up in this snow emergency this snow issue where literally, like I said, we couldn't see in front of us. So cars who are in front of us, we didn't see until we were right up on top of them and then you couldn't see the turns, you couldn't see anything about the road and here we are in a mountain pass without any knowledge of the road, any knowledge of how it turned and what happened and we couldn't see. And, you know, it's it was such a, an interesting, sort of less than going through this in terms of how do you react in the situation? How do you, you know, persevere through a dangerous situation where you you aren't sure you weren't sure what the right answer is, you weren't sure what's gonna happen on the opposite side. So we looked around and and, you know, when it got a little bit more clear, and you could see some cars who had pulled over on the side of the road, and they were literally just stopped in waiting for the storm to go by. And then those of us who kept going, you know, made a different choice and kept going through the storm. And, you know, there were a couple of different tools that we used as we're going through that one is we had the weather radar up, so I was not driving my husband's driving. And so I had the radar up, and I said, Okay, well, so if we keep going, you know, within a certain amount of time, we're going to see that it's going to clear up. And there's a little pocket where it was clear, and then the storm would start again.

Tara Bryan:

And so I was looking at the radar. And you know, sometimes like looking at a radar, you need to have outside help, you need to have somebody who can see the big picture, you have to have somebody who can show you that if you keep going, these are the things that you're going to expect along the way, we knew that at some point, if we kept going, we were going to get through the storm, right? Like the sermon doesn't go across the entire United States. So we knew that, regardless of how much time it was going to take, there was a point where we're going to be out of the storm. And by looking at the radar, we were able to kind of gauge or see, when we were going to get through that by looking at something that that showed us through that bigger picture, which I think is such a great analogy to, you know, having a coach or having a process or step by step that you can follow that shows you like, okay, so you may not know where you are right? Now, you may not be able to see clearly what the results are gonna be. But if you keep going, there is a different view of this, right, there's a bigger view that you can't see as you're going. Whereas, you know, you take the cards that had stopped in the storm, because they they were afraid to keep going and couldn't see it well enough to keep going. That storm lasted like four or five hours in that area. So they were literally just sitting there with no tools and no resources to know that by sitting there, they're actually sitting there for four or five hours in this storm. Whereas maybe half hour away from where we were, the storm stopped. And it was actually wild because it was, you know, dry roads, and, you know, clear skies and sun. Right when we got out of this snowstorm. But we wouldn't have known that had we what not kept going right, we would have stopped like those other cars, we would have just been sort of stuck in the the place that we were, we wouldn't have been able to see that there was a different sort of, you know, path on the opposite side. And, you know, we would have had to have just waited to get out of it.

Tara Bryan:

So. So, again, such a great lesson in terms of what you know, what do you focus on? What do you believe, and what tools and resources are using to be able to see the bigger picture. So even if you can't see in front of you, you can see beyond? You know what happens when you keep moving through kind of that that snowstorm literally as what we were going through. And so I wanted to tell the story today, because I think especially as we think about what we've been going through, we think about the challenges that we've had, we think about starting something new, whether you're starting your course experienced for the first time or packaging what you're doing in a different way, there is a period of time where you have to take a leap of faith, you have to make a decision. When you you can't see exactly what's going to happen, you can't see exactly what's in front of you, we could have easily gone off the road, we could easily have had another car, we easily could have had all of these, these challenges come up for us as we kept going. But we use the tools in front of us we used our ability to be able to you know keep moving forward and trust that we had the skills we had the ability and the confidence to move through it that we knew that if we could do that we could get to the other side. Same thing with you. You have the skills you have the ability you have the the belief in yourself that you can keep going and you can get just a different outcome. But you have to be able to move through that you have to be able to go through that.

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