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Just how important is identifying your ideal client/avatar? In this episode Tara shares questions to ask yourself when thinking about who your avatar is and … What If I Don’t Love My Customers? Read More >
With all the social media platforms out there where should you build your community? Facebook has always had the reputation for community building, but is it … Why Facebook Isn’t Best For Building Community Read More >
In this episode, Tara talks all things change. Are you trying to learn something new? Maybe you are starting a new venture, or you’re trying … Next Level Challenge Read More >
In today’s episode, Tara explains the Art of Pricing your online product. She gives 5 specific techniques to use as you decide the price of … How to Price Your Online Product Read More >
In today’s episode, Tara gives actionable tips on how “winging it” in your business will never help you win. She explains the fine line between … Why Winging It Won’t Ever Help You Win Read More >
In this episode, Tara interviews Colleen Biggs, author and community leader for women entrepreneurs. This episode will give you so many tips and tricks for … Guest Speaker Series: Colleen Biggs Read More >
In this episode, Tara gives tips for how to look for areas of your business that can turn into a digital course, product, or additional … Stop Leaving Money on the Table Read More >
In this episode, Evans drops amazing tips and tricks to re-imagine the sales process using a podcast. Learn how to turn your podcast into a … Guest Speaker Series: Evans Putman Read More >
In this episode, Tara gives 2 tips for taking your time back from your clients. As you grow and scale your business, owning your time … Do Your Clients Take Up All Of Your Time? Read More >
In this episode, Tara gives a tip for course creators who have customers who want to change or ‘customize’ their signature program. This episode is … What To Do If Your Customer Wants A Customized Path Read More >
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