Course Building Secrets® podcast

In this episode, Tara invites you into a conversation she had to help someone who was struggling with that very question. Get tactical and actionable advice on what questions to ask, and what steps to take to know EXACTLY which model is best for you. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara breaks down the EXACT agenda and steps to not only plan for what to teach when in your live or virtual beta but a number of times to up your game. Listen in for this pro tip- because when people don’t engage and participate – they don’t show up. And when...
In this episode, Tara talks about workbook page numbers and why they make a difference in the experience you provide for your customers. Page numbers are a small detail with a BIG message… {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara talks about your course launch and how to make sure that it is ‘successful’ as there is ONE key activity that needs to happen first. Before you launch or even create your beta course, check out this episode. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara gives actionable tips for running your BETA program, including how to remember to stay in MVP mode and the 4 phases of the Beta process. Come behind the scenes in a customer example to learn how to successfully navigate through this phase. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara reveals the 4 essential systems that every business needs to thrive. Listen, most of the time people create a course too early – before some of the core or foundational pieces are in place to make it a viable product within a business. Learn the 4 essential pieces that you can’t...
In this episode, Tara shows the evolution of the Course Building Secrets® podcast and how having one can increase your reach and authority…all while having fun and enjoying the process. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara gives you a look behind the scenes with one of her coaching clients who is putting together their course structure. She will give the key to knowing HOW to structure the flow of your program. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara gives actionable tips for HOW to get people to buy your program. The secret is what happens BEFORE you create it. {{snippet-1}}
In this episode, Tara shares the hidden 20% that will make all the difference in how long your customers stay with you and why the advice of just doing 80% will only help you for so long… {{snippet-1}}
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