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Ways to Work With Me

I have spent my entire career working with companies to design and build their unique learning experiences that create massive results. Over the years, this has evolved into the Learner Experience Framework Method. 

Today, I teach entrepreneurs and service-based business owners how to maximize their success and growth through packaging their expertise into a signature online course business. 

This is the secret behind creating offerings that not only help you make a bigger impact but turns them into raving fans who not only complete your course but come back to ascend your value ladder. 

The Course Launch™ VIP Day

It is time to fast track your success with a personalized Course Launch VIP Day. During our time together you and your team will receive a strategic playbook customized to your business. You have the vision and we have the implementation expertise to help you craft a realistic and timely plan that walks you through the exact steps you need to create, launch and sell your online course experience. 

So whether you have a course that you want to maximize or you are just starting out, this VIP day will give you what you need to accelerate your progress.  

The Course Edit™

Perhaps you have an online course but it isn’t selling or performing as you want. Or perhaps you know something isn’t working but you aren’t sure what to do. 

Let the Tara Bryan & Co team audit your current course and provide an action-packed report that will guide you through the exact recommendations and steps that will take your course from ho-hum to an awesome experience for your business and your customers. It’s time for a Course Edit™. 

LEARN Academy

LEARN Academy is the step-by-step implementation coaching program to help you create, sell and launch your signature online course experience. 

This hybrid program gives you what you need to go from idea to launch and beyond. Packed with actionable content, coaching and community, Learn Academy is the place to go to package your expertise into an online course experience.  

Done For You

Why not just hand it over to the experts?

The Learn Agency team will create your company’s learning and online course strategy, develop your perfect avatar and their learning path, create engaging and story-based learning materials, and set up your online platform including all of the tech and fulfillment automations.

We will build out your unique signature online course experience that transitions your brand to a premium learner experience offering. 

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