Thinking about starting an online course/program but not sure where to start? It starts with your Expertise Framework.

There are 4 steps to define this framework:
1. Your Expertise (What is a specific topic within your expertise that you specialize in?)
2. Who would benefit from this specific topic?
3. What Specific Problem does this WHO have? (What problem do they want solved?)
4. A Result (What is the result that is expected once the problem is solved?)

Once you have these set, you are ready to start creating your online offering.

Let’s look at an example. 
If your expertise is in computer support, look at what specific area of computer support you typically find yourself helping in.

Choose a topic within your expertise: You are a computer support person, but you specialize in helping parents figure out how to navigate through the challenges of monitoring their child’s computers.

WHO benefits from this specialization?
Clearly, this is parents but it is not quite so easy. From here get as specific as possible. Maybe it is just middle school parents.

What is the specific problem they have?
The problem is that schools require middle school kids to use computers. Parents want their children to have access to these computers and other devices (and social media, website access, etc.) but they want to be able to monitor the child’s behaviors to make sure they are safe. The biggest pain/issue is two-fold. 1. Parents don’t have a lot of time to devote to this so it needs to be easy and accessible 2. Kids tend to be savvier around tech than parents so how can they stay current 3. Tech is changing so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up.
What are the results?
The specific result(s) you can give to these parents is to teach them how to navigate the tech challenges to keep their child safe throughout middle school and beyond. You could teach them how to talk to their child about safe and smart computer use, how to set up and monitor their child’s devices, and how to identify red flags that require a conversation or new rules.

For all the steps in the Online Course Experience, check out our awesome Step-by-Step guide. 

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