Online Course Experience Case Studies

Altman Fitness Membership Hub

Altman Fitness Online offers a connected membership experience through community building, live and recorded workouts, programs, and challenges for members.

Built with community touchpoints, gamification, and daily actions, this site helps the member stay active and engaged. 

Courses Built with a "Virtual You" Approach

Moving your offering online shouldn’t change the experience. This is an example of a simulated course experience that creates a “Virtual You” or digital clone of your offer so you can show up, connect and effectively help your customer get results. 

This course was built to teach people how to successfully learn and navigate the Facebook business manager page. 

NourishRX Parent & Caregiver Experience

NourishRX had two challenges. The first challenge was that they can only treat individual patients in a specific geographical location and in that location they already had a rather large waitlist of 1:1 clients, leaving a large gap for who they could help and impact with their work. 

This membership experience created a consistent framework for the caregivers and patients to learn how to navigate through the path, get support, resources as well as make connections as they were going through their journey.  

See Me - A Customer Service Training for Compassionate Caregivers

This client wanted to build a platform and program that allowed them to automate the training experience. 

They needed a solution that they could sell to the consumer, companies who had employees that wanted the training, other trainers who wanted to teach the material, and lastly companies that wanted to deploy it from their own platforms. 

They had built a website and structured their course but they didn’t have the backend learning management system that would allow them to deploy, track and automate the process. 

We created a streamlined and automated experience for both the learner AND the client. It will provide the essential foundation for them to continue to grow and scale their offerings. 

Learn Academy - A Course Launch Membership Experience

Learn Academy Online Course Experience is a membership platform that helps others learn how to plan, design and launch their learning experience. 

This platform combines all of the best features and options to create an experience that gets learners results, automates the process and allows the customer to grow and scale their community. 

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