This week’s tip brings you insights on the first step of building your Online Course Experience. So often this step is the one that gives people the most trouble and it’s not because they don’t know what topic to pick.

Step 1 of the Course Creation process is to CLAIM YOUR EXPERTISE and pick your topic.

The reality is that you probably either know what you are in expert in or you have a proprietary system you have created for what you deliver in your business. The challenge that most people have is that they don’t know how to focus on the best part of their “expertise” in order to attract and provide people with results.

For example, as an expert, the tendency is to teach or coach someone to have the same level of expertise that you have because naturally you want to gather more people that you have things in common with. You want to help them achieve success like you did or have the results that you, yourself have achieved. The problem with this approach is that it tends to be too much for where that person is on their journey – most of the time, they get overwhelmed and quit.

Tips for finding your topic:

  1. Define the person you want to help with your topic or expertise. Get massive clarity on who they are, what motivates them and where they are on the expertise journey. Are they new to the topic? Are they trying to get to another level? This will avoid you creating something that is for everyone — because as they say, if it is for everyone, it is actually for no one — I don’t care how motivated you think they are!
  2. Define what problem your people from #1 are actively trying to solve. Then use your expertise to help them solve that problem. (Not all of the problems- just that one). For example, if I am in the weight loss space and my client wants to lose weight, there are a bunch of ways I can help them do that but I wouldn’t give them 30 ways to lose weight. They are coming to you because you are the expert, focus in on the one path you can give your person to achieve a result.

Once you have a specific person with a specific problem, you will be able to just focus on solving that problem as the topic or focus of your packaged signature program. So instead of giving them everything, just give them a specific path to follow within that topic. Give it a try… then in next week’s blog, we will move on to Step 2: Find Your ‘Who’ And Start Attracting Them…

For all the steps in the Online Course Experience, check out our awesome Step-by-Step guide. 

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