What Our Clients Say

Annette Delancey
Book Author and Owner of Cast Coverz
Kim Bodine
Owner of The Medicare Expert

Travis Tollestrup
Owner of Capstone Funding Group and Passive Income Pro

Zak Harlow
Owner of The Sales Ninja

“For the last 14 years, I have built sales teams across the insurance industry. I have a lot of knowledge of how to help people be successful in business-to-business sales and I wanted to take my message to a wider audience. The way that Tara and her team break down the process step-by-step helped me create a new model for success that will allow me to expand my impact. Looking at my content from the learner’s perspective and mapping out their results was an accelerator to my success.”

Kaci Brown
Owner of Amplify My Impact

“I have had this course in my head and heart for years and I was overwhelmed so procrastination set in. This program not only got me past all that but it allowed me to consolidate the time it took to get me from outline to launch.”

Kelly Altman
Owner of Altman Fitness & Kelly Altman Coaching

“When the pandemic hit I hired Tara to help me bring my fitness business online to create an experience my customers were used to having in our gym. Our membership hub is so much more than just a repository of videos- it is a place where people connect, feel supported and can access everything we offer. In the first year alone we grew it by nearly 100 members which helped our business thrive during multiple shut downs. Thanks to Tara and her team's structure and expertise we are able to serve our clients on multiple levels. “

Kelly Altman
Owner of Altman Fitness & Kelly Altman Health Coaching

Vince Trujillo
Owner of Breakthru Code

The Course Launch VIP and work with Tara and her team allows us to create an actionable process-based training program and system that streamlined our front-end process saving us at least $250K in delayed starts and process challenges.

Rich Rosenthal
Owner of PICS IT Solutions

The Course Launch VIP allows us to really dig into the business problem we are trying to solve, the business results we are looking for, and the performance needed from our team to achieve those results.

Dawn Sandin
Mortenson Construction

The Course Launch VIP allowed us to design a strategy and plan to launch our new online coaching and training platform, allowing us to scale past our current level of growth in our brick and mortar location. Tara and her team helped us create a solution that will transform our business.

Ryann Hilton

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